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Leafcutter Bee Cocoons - 7.5g

Leafcutter Bee Cocoons - 7.5g

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IMPORTANT: Upon arrival you will need to store your cocoons in your refrigerator (this is important for pest and disease control) until temperatures in your area become consistently warm (20-25+ degrees). This is usually from September onwards, your cocoons can then be placed into your bee home to begin their development process. 

Kickstart Your Leafcutter Bee Population: With 7.5G grams of Leafcutter bee cocoons, you'll receive approximately 70 cocoons, the perfect number to give your garden a head start in pollination. If you are looking to complement your existing bee population and Leafcutter bee home (only recommended for use with our beehomes with the correct size nesting tubes 6mm) these cocoons are the key to a thriving, buzzing garden.

Instructional Guide Included: To ensure your journey with Leafcutter bees is smooth and successful, we've included a comprehensive instructional guide. From setting up your garden space to caring for your leaf-cutting friends, our guide has got you covered every step of the way.

Compatible with Gentle Bee Co Home: For the best success in hosting Leafcutter bees, we highly recommend using our Gentle Bee Co Home. It's designed with the comfort and well-being of your bees in mind, creating the perfect environment for their pollination activities. 

Bundle Up and Save: Want to take your Leafcutter bee experience to the next level? Check out our Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kits, which include not only the cocoons but also a bee home, paper nesting tubes, and a full instructional guide. It's the ultimate package to make your garden thrive.

Removable Nesting Material for Easy Maintenance: We recommend using removable nesting material that allows you to fully harvest the cocoons if your Leafcutter Bees chose to nest in your bee home. This practice is essential for disease and pest management purposes, ensuring the health and longevity of your Leafcutter bee population.

Replacement Nesting Tubes Available: Should you need replacement paper nesting tubes, we've got you covered. Grab some here to keep your Leafcutter bee population happy and thriving.

Don't miss out on the chance to transform your garden into a pollinator's paradise with Leafcutter bees. Start your journey today and watch your garden come alive with vibrant blooms and busy bees!

Order your Leafcutter Cocoons now and be on your way to a garden that flourishes like never before. 🌼🌿🐝

Extremely limited stock available this season, order now to avoid dissapointment!


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