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Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kit

Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kit

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Introducing our Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kit, a comprehensive package designed to bring the fascinating world of leafcutter bees right to your doorstep. Created with care and craftsmanship right here in New Zealand, this kit provides everything you need to create a thriving leafcutter bee habitat in your home garden.

Starter Kit Includes: 

  • 1x Wooden Bee Home
  • 150x Nesting Tubes (10cm)
  • Leafcutter Bee Cocoons 13g
  • Guide to Raising Leafcutter Bees
  • Beautifully Presented Outer Box 

IMPORTANT: Upon arrival you will need to store your cocoons in your refrigerator (this is important for pest and disease control) until temperatures in your area become consistently warm (20-25+ degrees). This is usually from September onwards, your cocoons can then be placed into your bee home to begin their development process.  

Act now and avoid disappointment! Don't wait to order your Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kit. With limited stock available, it's important to secure your kit ahead of time. Be proactive and ensure you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to nurture leafcutter bees in your garden. Order now to reserve your kit and embark on a rewarding journey with these fascinating pollinators.

At the heart of our starter kit is a beautifully designed wooden bee home, meticulously handcrafted using premium materials. Its elegant construction not only adds a touch of natural beauty to your garden but also offers a nesting environment to suit the nesting requirements of leafcutter bees. The bee home provides a safe and inviting sanctuary, encouraging these gentle pollinators to call your garden their home.

To jumpstart your leafcutter bee colony, we've included 13 grams of leafcutter bee cocoons, which equates to approximately 130 individual cocoons. These cocoons hold the potential for a vibrant population of bees around your garden, ready to embark on their vital pollination duties. Witness the remarkable lifecycle of these incredible insects as they emerge from their cocoons and diligently forage in your garden.

To support the nesting process, our kit also includes a generous supply of 150 specifically designed biodegradable paper nesting tubes. These tubes serve as individual nesting chambers for the bees, allowing them if they choose to lay their eggs and nurture the next generation. The eco-friendly materials ensure a sustainable habitat while providing essential protection for the developing larvae.

We understand the importance of providing the right guidance to nurture your leafcutter bee colony, which is why our starter kit comes complete with a comprehensive instructional guide. This detailed manual walks you through the entire process, from setting up the bee home to caring for your bees throughout the seasons. Learn about the behaviour, habits, and life cycle of leafcutter bees, and discover expert tips to ensure their well-being and productivity in your garden.

By investing in our Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kit, you are not only creating a beautiful and buzzing environment in your own backyard but also actively contributing to the preservation of these essential pollinators. Leafcutter bees are incredible pollinators, with a unique ability to cut perfect circular leaf pieces to build their nests. By attracting them to your garden, you'll witness an increase in crop yields and a flourishing ecosystem.

Leafcutter bees are nature's gentle gardeners, renowned for their docile and non-aggressive nature. Unlike other bee species, leafcutters rarely sting, making them a perfect choice for those with concerns about bee encounters. Their focus lies solely on pollination, and they pose minimal risk to humans or pets in the vicinity.

One unique aspect of leafcutter bees is that they do not produce honey. This distinction sets them apart from their honeybee counterparts. However, what they lack in honey production, they more than make up for with their exceptional pollination abilities. Leafcutters are expert pollinators, efficiently transferring pollen from flower to flower, leading to increased fruit and vegetable yields in your garden.

In terms of management, leafcutter bees are incredibly easy to care for, making them an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced bee enthusiasts. They require minimal intervention and thrive in a self-sufficient manner. With our detailed instructional guide provided in the kit, you'll quickly learn how to create a welcoming habitat and provide the necessary conditions for your leafcutter bees to flourish in your garden.

With their gentle nature, lack of honey production, and ease of management, leafcutter bees offer a delightful and hassle-free beekeeping experience. As you introduce these industrious creatures to your garden, you'll develop a deeper appreciation for their crucial role in pollination and the vital contribution they make to our ecosystem.

Join the growing movement of bee enthusiasts and environmental stewards by embracing the Leafcutter Bee Home Garden Starter Kit. Experience the joy of watching these industrious creatures go about their essential work while adding a touch of natural wonder to your garden. Order your kit today and embark on an unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of leafcutter bees.


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