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Gentle Bee Co

Bumble Bee Nesting Box

Bumble Bee Nesting Box

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Nesting Material

Introducing the Gentle Bee Co. Bumble Bee Nesting Box - Your Gateway to a Garden Abuzz with Life!

🌼 Handcrafted in New Zealand, from locally sourced timber, our Bumble Bee Nesting Box is the perfect addition to your garden for fostering the presence of these gentle pollinators. If you're passionate about nature and want to encourage Queen bumble bees to call your garden home, look no further than our carefully crafted nesting box.

🏑 Benefits of Welcoming Bumble Bees:

Nature's Gardeners: Bumble bees are renowned for their exceptional pollination skills. By attracting them to your garden, you'll enjoy thriving plants, vibrant blooms, and abundant harvests.

Gentle Companions: Bumble bees are known for their gentle and non-aggressive nature. Unlike other stinging insects, they're more interested in nectar and pollen than in bothering humans, making them ideal guests.

Low Maintenance: Our Bumble Bee Nesting Box requires minimal upkeep. Simply find a suitable spot in your garden, place it, and let nature take its course. There's no need for complicated setups or constant monitoring.

🌻 Unique Tunnel Entrance:
Our nesting box is thoughtfully designed to mimic the bumble bee's natural nesting habits. The tunnel entrance replicates the cozy underground spaces where they prefer to build their nests in the wild. By offering a familiar habitat, you increase the chances of attracting these essential pollinators to your garden.

🏠 Queen Bumble Bees Seeking Residency:
Have you noticed large queen bumble bees flying around your home lately? These queens are on a mission to find new nesting sites, and your garden could be their next destination. By placing our Bumble Bee Nesting Box in your garden, you create an inviting haven for these queens to establish their colonies.

πŸ“¦ What's Included:
- 1x Fully assembled Bumble Bee Nesting Box, lovingly handcrafted in New Zealand.Β  Β  Β  Β  - The option to add nesting material into your nesting box, or simply add your own - the choice is yours!

Join the effort to protect these vital pollinators and enjoy the countless benefits of a thriving garden. The Gentle Bee Co. Bumble Bee Nesting Box is your key to nurturing a harmonious garden ecosystem. Order yours today and watch your garden come alive with the gentle hum of bumble bees! 🐝🌸 

Important: Please note this is a nesting box to attract bumble bees only - no bumble bees are included.



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